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The goal of Americare Neurosurgery International (AMCANI) is to promote, employ, and integrate modern medical care in developing countries while respecting the local populations and local cultures. AMCANI endeavors to increase the level of medical care in the host country by providing professional training and development on appropriate resources such as physical therapy, rehabilitation skills, and nursing care.

Since 2001, we have been bringing neurosurgeons to the United States for extensive training and have been traveling to those same countries to bring equipment, supplies, advanced medical knowledge, and sustainable medical care to underserved regions.


Learn more about our efforts to improve surgical care in Myanamar.

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Learn more about our efforts to improve surgical care in Vietnam.

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AMCANI Outreach programs

Learn more about our efforts to improve surgical care in developing countries

completed missions

Medical Supply Shipment

Myanmar Jan 2020

Surgical Medical Mission

Vietnam 2014

Surgical Medical Mission

Myanmar 2016

Surgical Medical Mission

Vietnam 2012

Medical Supply Shipment

Myanmar 2016

Surgical Medical Mission

Vietnam 2008

surgical medical missions

Learn more about our international surgical medical missions that provide neurosurgery for patients in need along with training and resources for emerging medical programs in developing countries.

Recycling Medical equipment

Learn more about our efforts to recycle and redistribute used medical equipment from domestic hospitals to meet the needs of medical programs in developing countries.

medical training

Learn more about our efforts to provide medical training and educational resources to emerging medical programs in developing countries.

Co-founder of AMCANI

Dr. Gary Heit, MD, PhD

“Everybody wins. The developing countries get equipment they lack, our physicians get to train their colleagues abroad, and most importantly, seriously ill people get the care they need.”

In 2002, Dr. Heit co-founded Americare Neurosurgery International (AMCANI) and led its first mission to Peru, where three neurosurgical teams performed 28 procedures. Flying home, he had an epiphany: train and equip local neurosurgeons to deliver the care. In addition to training, developing countries can lack equipment for complicated cases.

Dr. Heit identified a discarded operative microscope and other neurosurgery tools in a storage facility. In 2006, he shipped the equipment to the Hue University Hospital in Vietnam. Since then, he and his colleagues have made multiple trips to Hue to install equipment and train faculty. The Vietnamese surgeons are now doing more complex spine and cranial surgery, and many patients are being saved.


Dr. Truong Van Tri

Neurosurgeon in Vietnam

Thank you very much to AMCANI for what you have do to help us. We are very grateful. Thanks to the microscope and other equipment you gave us, we have very much improved neurosurgical practice in our hospital. We are now able to operate on the skull base tumors or the tumors deep in the brain. The rate of complication is much lower than in the past.

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