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The goal of Americare Neurosurgery International (AMCANI) is to promote, employ, and integrate modern medical care in developing countries while respecting the local populations and local cultures. AMCANI endeavors to increase the level of medical care in the host country by providing professional training and development of appropriate resources such as physical therapy, rehabilitation skills, and nursing care.

Since 2001, we have been bringing International Neurosurgeons to the United States for extensive training, and we have been traveling to those same countries to bring equipment, supplies, advanced medical knowledge, and sustainable medical care to underserved regions.

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Modern medicine requires expensive capital equipment that frequently cannot be afforded by developing countries. At the same time, hospitals in the US retire equipment that is still viable for medical practice. AMCANI aims to recycle durable equipment that has minimal overhead, and to accompany that equipment with training in the techniques that equipment donation enables as well as the post-operative care required by more complex procedures.

This model, with your support, will benefit thousands of patients throughout the developing world as well as minimize the waste in our own medical system.


of your tax-deductible donation goes towards shipping & refurbishing the equipment that we ship!

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For every $4,000 we raise, we are able to ship a 40-foot cargo container full of desperately needed medical equipment to our mission sites in Vietnam & Myanmar. Our volunteer medical teams train the local practitioners to use the donated equipment, but we need your help to get the equipment there!