Myanmar trip April ’16

We have now completed our evaluation of Myanmar and have defined the mission. I met with the Ministry of Health for Rakhine Province, the head of Sittwe General Hospital as well as toured a number of large and small hospitals in the province. We have now defined a program that can maximize the equipment donations. The Minister will direct the equipment to the facilities where he and the local providers feel it is most needed. The Relief International Country Medical Director has volunteered to monitor the distribution on his own time as he spends much of his effort in the Rakhine District.

Things are pretty desperate as you can see from the photos and they do not do justice to the human suffering. Myanmar is a poor emerging developing country and Rakhine Province is the one of the poorest. We can meet an unmet need that no other NGO is fulfilling by recycling the discards from the American hospitals. By reusing these items we can reduce the American waste stream as well as help a population of 3.2 million get access to health care that they now lack.

Please donate what you can and share with your friends…

Warmest regards…. Gary

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